If your data's security, speed, and smooth user experience is a concern while using the internet, fret no more. Developers created the Firefox web browser to support add-on functions to meet different needs using third-party software. These plugins are extensions that help to protect users of the Firefox browser on the web. On this page, we will explore four Firefox plugins: Adblocker Ultimate, Casino Blocker, Privacy Badger, and Browser free VPN for Firefox.

What Is Firefox Browser?


A web browser lets you explore the internet without any hindrances. Some popular web browsers are Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Apple Safari.

Firefox browser retrieves info from different areas of the internet to show on your desktop or mobile gadgets. The browser transports public digital files on the web by Hypertext Transfer Protocol, in a reliable format like readable text, images, and video display for your use, no matter which part of the world you live in. Get the new Firefox today!

In addition, Firefox recommends excellent security and useful third-party add-ons or plugins that let you do various things while using it. Some plugins/add-on suggestions are personalized by relying on extensions you have on your computer and how much you use them.

What Is a Plugin/Add-on Extension?

Plugins/add-ons are extensions that are like apps created by third-party software developers that enhance the functionality of the browser. Firefox has many plugins or add-ons that improve the working of the browser. Their add-ons include those for protecting passwords, downloading videos, searching for deals, blocking annoying ads, modifying how your browser looks, and more. You may use add-ons to modify the browser to your taste.

Examples of Firefox privacy protection add-ons are the Firefox multi-account containers, Facebook containers, Bloody Vikings, Cookie auto delete, Smart HTTPS, and so forth.

See more explanations of a few supported extensions below.

Adblocker Ultimate

Avoid developed AdBlocker Ultimate, a free recommended extension that blocks all trackers and malware. Its features include removing all advertisements to allow you to use the content you want. It also improves browser speed by removing annoying content, and lowering CPU and memory usage.

This add-on does not allow any whitelisted ads or advertisers networks. It blocks text ads, banner ads, pop-up ads, Pop-under ads, Overlay ads, Interstitial page ads, Video ads, Webmail ads, and Facebook ads.

The Plugin deactivates devious tracking. It contains all-embracing filters blocking irritating display and video ads (plus YouTube). However, you can accept ads from trusted websites you have selected.

Casino Blocker

Jeroen Swen developed this free software for blocking gambling websites and sites linked to gambling. It shows a notice that alerts you about this action. This extension stops you from going to any gambling-related websites at all. Some of its features include removing any access to online casinos, betting sites and any other online gambling sites. When you go to such a site, you will see a notification displayed at the bottom right angle of the screen.

How the software works is that whenever you search, click on a hyperlink or load a page that contains any website linked to a casino, the Plugin will stop that request and show you a message. With this add-on, you will be aware of what has happened.

Currently, it blocks more than 6400 websites. The casino blocker states the exact number it can block on the last section of the software version number. For instance, version 1.0.5704 indicates it blocked 5704 websites.

Privacy Badger

Privacy Badger was created by Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) Technologists and recommended for your use with the Firefox browser. It automatically understands how to block unseen trackers.

Privacy Badger does not record a list of unseen trackers of your activities on the web. Instead, it routinely uses their behavior to find them. The software works by sending a Global Privacy Control signal that prevents you from data sharing and selling.

It equally sends a "do not track" indication that tells companies they must not track your activities on the web. If these companies fail to act on those messages, Privacy Badger promptly blocks them. Also, this plugin swaps likely vital trackers for video players and comments widgets with click-to-activate placeholders. It deletes outgoing link click tracking on Facebook and Google, with better privacy shields.

Browsec VPN

This Plugin is a Free VPN for Firefox developed by Browsec LLC. You can use it to unblock geographically restricted content and shield your IP from prying eyes. This Firefox VPN helps you to remain anonymous for a short time. It uses free remote servers to suppress your location to enable you to get unlimited access to any content you want.

The VPN shields your browser from dangers lurking externally on the web. Some of its features include a Safe IP Changer for you to unblock content barred from users in your area. Its protection protocols firmly shields your login passwords and credit card data to avert any leakage.

Furthermore, its remote servers help you connect to sites as if you are in the US, the UK, Netherlands, Singapore, or anywhere you choose. Choose your preferred country and browse safely. Browsec VPN encrypts your traffic, securing your data, and prevent prying eyes from stealing them.

The Premium features enable you to:

  • Browse at the speed of up to 100 Mbit to stream videos effortlessly.
  • Pick a server out of more than 40 virtual places.
  • Alter your browser time to the chosen time zone.

Finally, you could pick different settings for each website or page using different servers and save the preset.